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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Must push on....

I told myself that I would blog more... so what did I do?? I blogged twice in two years.  Pathetic!!! So here I am taking things into my own hands and taking inspiration from Alecia Taylor.  It turns out that there are some people out there that enjoy my take on life, particularly life with my 2 year old.  So, maybe that's where I need to take this damn blog... because, well, it needs to go somewhere that's for sure.

Here's a good example.  First, I will be the first to say, I am not a overly emotional person.  I am the first say, "Whoa that sucks!" and quickly change the subject.  I do have an extrememly good cry once a quarter.  That being said, I am still intently trying to get my son to say "I love you".  Usually, I say it and he responds with his typical words, "Cars, outside, train".  So far my feelings haven't really been hurt because I figure some day he will just blurt out " Mommy dearest, I love you with all of my heart". (Of course it will be in a british accent also)

So tonight when I put him to bed, we did our usual routine.  Checked items off the list: Pac... check, bah... check, George... check.  I requested my kiss and he willingly removed his pacifier from his mouth and even requested a nose kiss.  Finally, I say "Good night, I love you!"  Would you believe that little stinker turned to me and said "Ok bye, see you soon."

Seriously???  Am I the date that you just weren't that into? No! I am the woman that baked you and cuddled you and fed you turkeydogs by the ton! Is it too much to ask for a little love?  But, as I said I'm not that emotional.

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