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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Beginning

Do you know what a week long beach vacation is good for? An epiphany or epiphanies of course.  I'm not sure that afterwards you are relaxed or lessed stressed, but there are somethings that you see with new eyes.  I found myself saying things to a stranger, that I had never verbalized to myself.  There in, lies the above ephiphany. 

You see I have been working on a very slow process of career overhaul.  I've decided that I would make an excellent art teacher.  Well, maybe not in those words.  I've decided I want to be an art teacher, and everyone else has said that I will be an excellent one.  I don't want to go to far back, or dwell to much on the past, so let's just say that the month of December was a confidence crusher in my existing job.  So, I've been struggling to get my feet underneath me and boost my own ego. 

Flash back to last week, laying on the beach, soaking up the sun and eating/drinking way too much.  A question came up about why I wanted to teach art and it suddenly just came out of my mouth.  The stance that I've been trying to find for the last couple of months... I want to show kids how to correlate art in reality or everyday life.  I want them to know that the other subjects that they hate and think they will never use again will eventually show up in art.  I learned the hard way that math can play a huge role in my artistic endeavors, which really sucks by the way.

AHHHH so good to have focus... sometimes you tell a stranger more than you acknowledge yourself.  

Did I mention the I was in the Dominican Republic?  These are some awesome photos I got in the city.

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