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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Overload!

Apparently I have some extremely fertile friends... or they were all getting it on the at the same time last year.  Ugh, bad mental picture.

Spring is the time of year that I make the most Peepskeeps baby capsules.  It's my trademark gift for my friends.  I like to try and incorporate who I think these little ones are going to be based on their parents. Or if I know specifically what theme the parents are going with, I use that.  Here's a couple from the last baby showers.

Harrison is due any day now.  Mommy is from England and already had the bedding picked out.  I call this the snicker doodle box.  It matches his room pretty well.

Lilah is due in June.  Her parents are rockers. I felt that she could pull off bold colors and something a little more crazy.

I started making these for the simple fact that not everything fits into a baby book. Not everybody is as lazy as I am, but I also don't get around to putting things in my sons baby book.  I wanted to have a cute place to catch these items. My son's box has his first shoes, hospital bracelet, a rattle, and a balloon from his first birthday.

I have another friend due in July.  She will be getting something very special and a little different. She already has a bunch of items that I've created. It's kind of like walking into a museum to myself.  I made my very first box for her daughter who turned 5 today. Yikes she's old. Yikes that means I'm old!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doh! Valentines is coming!

Thank you Pinterest for being my Pinspiration.  I pinned several non-candy Valentine options.  Lucky for me, there are only 7 kids in Liam's class.  So I went for the Playdoh option.

The pin I had was just a sticker on the lid of a playdoh container.  I punched out some scalloped red paper, printed up the "DOH YOU WANT TO BE MY VALENTINE?"  and glued them together.  Punched holes and then used a red ribbon to tie them on in the back.

Super easy!

Who would say no to this Valentine?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Woo!

My best friend's birthday was yesterday so I made her a dry erase board out of whatever I had at the house.  We picked up a couple of small glass cabinet doors at ReStore months ago.  The idea was that we would do the project together.... I had the door sitting at the house, so I decided to do it as a surprise.

Just a small cabinet door with the door handle removed and sanded.  Leftover paint from my front door+unsanded grout = chalk paint.

Layered some other color in between coats so that there was some variation when sanded.

Sanded and distressed... added a scrap piece of fabric to the back.

The yellow leather rosettes came from a purse I carried around for a while.  The straps started ripping so I cut the appliques off to save for later... I finally had a moment to use them.

I added rhinestones in the center of the leather roses and topped it of with a silver butterfly.

Final product, looks like something from Anthropologie....not to toot my own horn or anything.  The best part is that Aunt Woo just bought her first home and she has her first memo board to hang.

Link parties:
shabby creek cottage 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SEW What's new with you?

Short and sweet.

I finally took over my moms sewing machine.  Best way to learn to sew.... pick a project that you will get immediate gratification.

I made myself a new tote bag.  I'm starting a new job and wanted to look kinda cool.  LOVE these fabrics!
The one on the actually has a sea turtle if you look closely. Or if I take a close up picture of it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I small step for the family one giant leap for me.  I have professed before that I am the queen of starting projects, and finishing them at a snails pace.  The bathroom is going though changes still.  My latest accomplishment includes creating a linen cabinet, over the john storage, and new light fixture.

A lifetime ago I worked for  Expo Design Center.  I was a kitchen and bath designer for them for a couple of years.  Expo had an entire decorative area and sold a lot of pieces...way over priced.  A friend and I would hope and wait for items to clearance out and try and get a deal, because, well we didn't get an employee discount.  Thank you Home Depot.  While my friend famously picked up a bidet for a couple of dollars, I picked up a couple of pieces of furniture.

I have 2 of the above map tables.  They are about 24" high and 18" deep.  For the last 6 years we have used them as night stands.  During our bathroom redo I decided to change them into a linen cabinet.  I leave the price tag on it still so I remember what kind of deal I got on them.

Original price $299 marked down to $127.77, I got them for $60 a piece. Umm... there not in business anymore....sidenote.

I know my before and after pictures are crap.  But, at least I remembered pictures at all.

Painted the entire thing black.  Then I used a quarterfoil stencil with metallic paint.  Also, I changed out the hardware.

I took the bun feet off of one of the tables and stacked it on top of the other.  It ended up being extremely sturdy.  It kind of looks like luggage to me.

All of our medicines, lotions, that kind of thing are in the top and towels are in the lower one.  Sooooo much better than having the towels on a shelf over the toilet.

One of my better ideas, but wait until you see the other things I've done in here.