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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Behind the blue door... it's not what you think.

The road of not so fun construction is really long and abnormally bumpy.  There are few bright spots when you are fixing things people don't see.  But, then you get one thing.... just one little bright spot in all the doom in gloom of rotten sub floor and beams... A new painted door!  Yes, it's a small thing.  One quart of paint to be exact.  But, it makes me happy.

Now you can see where I was going with the wreath color selections.  Hubby is a visual person, so I had to start warming him up to the color pallet.  Hmmm.. looks like the welcome mat that we got for a wedding gift is showing it's age.  Maybe 5 years old is the senior status for straw.  Time for a new one.

I tried not to get the over grown tree/bush, or the dead bushes in the picture.  You can see they had different ideas.  I'm blaming the loss of 3 bushes on the drought we had.  It is most definitely not a reflection of my distaste for taking care of vegetation.

I'm in love with the door color.  I tried to explain it to my mother.  My description made no sense to her...see if you get it.  "The color is aqua, but not 80's bridesmaids aqua.  More blue than green... more like nautical or Hampton's even."  It make total sense to me.  The actual color is peacock plume or something birdie like that.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm still alive, I promise!!

I know it's been a while.... a long while and I apologize.  Complete chaos has been swirling through my household.  For once, it doesn't have anything to do with my 2 year old, well not really anyway.

My house has been under construction.  It's not even the fun kind of construction.  It's just stupid old, "you were going to fall through the floor, but now you're not", kind of construction.  "The winter wind used to blow through the1/2" gap around your front and back door, but now it doesn't", "sitting on your toilet was like riding a bucking bronco, but now it doesn't move" kind of construction.

Did I mention that my house was built in the early 50's?  Some people by old houses because they love to fix them up.  I married into this house and should have made the hubby sell it.  Here I am, nearly 9 years later and I still hate this house.  It has a ton of potential, but I don't have the money to put into it.  Oh, and the other storage.  This place has 2 closets, well 3 if you include where the water heater is.

I'm ready for a little less maintenance! Like a place that just needs some paint you know!

Here's a little peek at what's been happening.

This is the laundry room.  New subfloor, new beams, and new door.  There was a hole straight through the subfloor by the door.  I'm going to miss the old sheet vinyl.  I always thought it looked like tile.

New subloor in the bathroom.  The house is pier and beam, because of the horrible drought the foundation is sinking causing all kinds of problem.

They installed the old toilet.... see all the wetness on the plywood.  That's how much water had been leaking causing some of the problems.  Sigh... why would you install it again? Boys!  Anyhoo, I made them get a new toilet and that problem was solved.

Stay tuned and you will get to see a picture of another toilet really soon.  Betcha can't wait.