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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Overload!

Apparently I have some extremely fertile friends... or they were all getting it on the at the same time last year.  Ugh, bad mental picture.

Spring is the time of year that I make the most Peepskeeps baby capsules.  It's my trademark gift for my friends.  I like to try and incorporate who I think these little ones are going to be based on their parents. Or if I know specifically what theme the parents are going with, I use that.  Here's a couple from the last baby showers.

Harrison is due any day now.  Mommy is from England and already had the bedding picked out.  I call this the snicker doodle box.  It matches his room pretty well.

Lilah is due in June.  Her parents are rockers. I felt that she could pull off bold colors and something a little more crazy.

I started making these for the simple fact that not everything fits into a baby book. Not everybody is as lazy as I am, but I also don't get around to putting things in my sons baby book.  I wanted to have a cute place to catch these items. My son's box has his first shoes, hospital bracelet, a rattle, and a balloon from his first birthday.

I have another friend due in July.  She will be getting something very special and a little different. She already has a bunch of items that I've created. It's kind of like walking into a museum to myself.  I made my very first box for her daughter who turned 5 today. Yikes she's old. Yikes that means I'm old!