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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Army of Owls

I know, you thought I disappeared didn't you.  Well, the last couple of months have been up and down.

No excuse, right. 

My mother's cancer has become a bigger battle that we thought it would be.  Leave it to her to make something complicated.  Some of you might cringe at me saying that, but that's how we deal.  My family are a bunch of jokesters.  It's not that we aren't sypathetic, it's just that somebody needs to make the patient laugh.  When telling her story, my mother would say "Hey, at least they found I had a brain."  She's hanging in there right now.  We won't know if her brain tumors have shrunk until mid January.

In the shadow of all this, I've completed very few projects. However, I have been pinning many projects that I want to attempt on Pinterest! One of which was a gift for my son't teachers.  Only after the fact did I realize it wasn't very holiday like. But, he's teachers still liked them.

It says "Thank you for making me wiser."
 Brown paper bag, glue and scrapbook paper.  We traced my son's hands to use as the feet.  My owls didn't look near as mean as some of the one's I saw on Pinterest.  In fact, mine have a look of bewilderment in their eyes.  It reflects Liam's personality much better. 

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