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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Behind the blue door... it's not what you think.

The road of not so fun construction is really long and abnormally bumpy.  There are few bright spots when you are fixing things people don't see.  But, then you get one thing.... just one little bright spot in all the doom in gloom of rotten sub floor and beams... A new painted door!  Yes, it's a small thing.  One quart of paint to be exact.  But, it makes me happy.

Now you can see where I was going with the wreath color selections.  Hubby is a visual person, so I had to start warming him up to the color pallet.  Hmmm.. looks like the welcome mat that we got for a wedding gift is showing it's age.  Maybe 5 years old is the senior status for straw.  Time for a new one.

I tried not to get the over grown tree/bush, or the dead bushes in the picture.  You can see they had different ideas.  I'm blaming the loss of 3 bushes on the drought we had.  It is most definitely not a reflection of my distaste for taking care of vegetation.

I'm in love with the door color.  I tried to explain it to my mother.  My description made no sense to her...see if you get it.  "The color is aqua, but not 80's bridesmaids aqua.  More blue than green... more like nautical or Hampton's even."  It make total sense to me.  The actual color is peacock plume or something birdie like that.


  1. That is a much better description than what I could have come up with. Maybe I would describe it as "Old World" or "Tuscan" since those words mean anything and everything. I can't believe these guys aren't getting all this work done in two days with only $1,000.

  2. Total it took the guys like 4 days. It was just in contractor know 1 day here and then 1 day the next week. They are officially done.