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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terrible "TWOsday"

My 2 year old miniature monster has at least one blog worthy moment a week.  So, I think he should have it out there for everyone to enjoy.  I'm not a selfish person and feel like everyone should hear what it's like to live with a 2 year old.

This week in lil' monster land (I mean that in the sweetest way possible) he figured out how to open the child gate.  We have one gate to keep him in the living room.  Before I realized that he was gone, I heard silence.  That's the sign of something gone a rye. 

I found him in the bathroom looking like this.

He must be worried about pre-mature wrinkles.  As you can see it's hard to be mad at that little face.  ESPECIALLY, because he knows how to say he's sorry.  He pats you on the arm and looks lovingly into your eyes and says,"I sorry". 

Not more than and hour later I found him covered in self tanner!  It's ok, he did not end up looking like Snookie.  He was just preparing to be and Umpa Lumpa for Halloween.

1 comment:

  1. It's too bad the self tanner didn't take. He could ace an audition to be on Joysey Shore.