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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flashback Thursday??

How's this name for the old projects section? Yeah I think it's kinda stolen from a local radio station, I guess that's why it sounds so good.

Let's take a look at an oldie but a goodie...  My first media room conversion.  I'll keep this simple and just put some before and after pictures up.  It was a loooonnng process.
Design concept

Before looking towards where the screen will go

Before looking the opposite direction where the bar will go

As you can see, this was a bowling alley of a space.  The owner wanted to have as many seating options as possible.


We ended up putting a velvet fabric valance and panels on the screen.  There's 3 rows of love seats and granite bars on either side.  I think that's a total 16.

After bar area

2 more bar seats at the kitchen area.  Above the kitchen area there was an LED night scene painted like a night sky. I loved the leather tufted door!

After another view

Probably the biggest project and overhaul that I've ever done.  I wish I had better after pictures.  I still love the faux finish in this room.  If the main goal wasn't to get as many people as possible in the theater, I would have eliminated one row of seating.  What do you think?

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