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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finally something artsy!!!!!

Congratulations to myself for actually posting something art related on what is supposed to be by art blog.  Sorry, about the baby babble in the last couple posts, but technically that's 90% of my time and art is about 10%.

So, I bragged about his great garage sale find about 3 weeks ago, and I just finished my overhaul. I should have a catchy name for a Karen Rutledge overhaul... like a it was "Rut-hauled" or it just got "Peeped".  (I have a side business called Peeps Keeps)  But, I'll have to get Alecia Taylor to come up with that because she's supposedly good at that kind of thing.

Anywho... a couple of weeks ago I saw this end table at a garage sale in my neighborhood.  I did one of those, "if it's still there when I get back then it's meant to be."  Six hours later I drove by, and it was still there. Yay me!  I was all prepared to haggle for the table thinking they want at least $20 for it.  I was prepared to offer $10.  But, when I asked the lady how much, she said $5.  I practically yelled "I'll take it". Here is my purchase with about 3inches of dust on it.

It's about 24"wx24"d x 30"tall.  I thought it was all wood and could just be sanded and re-stained.  However the molding was some sort of resin, so I went with paint instead.

Drum roll please.................... the finished product is below:

 I stripped it, sanded it (mainly by hand what a pain), painted and the glazed it.  I decided on orange because...well...because it's my favorite color.  Once it was painted I then used a brown glaze to bring out all the detail.

That's a lie.

I used brown glaze it all the crevices because it was easier than making sure the paint was even all the way through.

The turquoise was the kicker. I was going to paint it a different blue color, but then that would mean it would end up staying in my house forever.  And I kinda want to sell it.

All in all, I think it turned out fantastic!!! Projects like this give me confidence and make me push forward.  It makes me want to check out all the garage sales in the area.   So let me know what you think!

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